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New gymnastics palestra - Charlesbourg Arpidrome

EMS services were retained by the City of Québec for the construction of a new gymnastics palace, the interior redevelopment and the refurbishment of the swimming pool at the Charlesbourg Arpidrome. The new palestra of gymnastics has an impressive structure allowing a versatile layout and the integration of several essential equipments. The structure accommodates different systems of lanyards allowing the gymnasts a safe training that meets the latest international standards. A mezzanine is distinguished in the environment allowing an overview of the palestra.

The renovation of the swimming pool was carried out by demolishing and reconstructing several major elements such as 70% of the beach of the swimming pool as well as the bottom of the deep basin. The renovation of a swimming pool always presents many surprises under construction. Several elements had to be re-analyzed and in coordination with the other professionals, EMS people were able to deliver optimal and efficient solutions in a very short timeframe in order to allow the timetable to be respected.

The interior refurbishments correspond to the complete refurbishment of the pool changing rooms and the redevelopment of a snack section. The new living spaces are most pleasant and user-friendly for students and different users. For the sake of sustainable development, the waterproofing of the rock was carried out in order to prevent the problem of iron pyrite-related uplift from reproducing.

  • Photo credit: Larochelle Desmeules architectes
Photo credit: Larochelle Desmeules architectes

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