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Pierre-de-Saurel Wind Farm

The  Pierre-De Saurel wind farm with an area of 12 wind turbines in 5,5km² includes: 5 towers to Yamaska, 4 at Saint-Aimé and 3 at St. Robert. All wind turbines are 100 feet high  and blades reaching 92.5 meters in diameter. Each will have a capacity of 2.05 MW for a total capacity of 24,6MWThe park has an estimated production potential of 59.4 GW/h per year. 

For the Pierre de Saurel wind farm, EMS had the responsibility to do a technical audit of the drawings and specifications and also to actively participate in the design review within workshops of value engineering to ensure project compliance with normative standards of the manufacturer while ensuring cost optimization of the project.

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