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About EMS

EMS is a leading Canadian firm that provides its customers with a complete range of consulting services in the civil and structural engineering fields.

Its customers, both large and small, are present in varied market segments such as buildings, municipal infrastructures, transportation, heavy industry, mines, energy, and the environment.

EMS offers a complete range of services aimed at delivering optimal and efficient solutions for its customers' projects. EMS understands that "Time is money!" and that is why all its processes are designed to provide its customers with the fastest service possible while complying with its objectives.

EMS is :

+ 6500 projects since it was founded in 2006!

+ $1,5 BILLION in projects in the last 2 years

+ 3000 satisfied customers

+ passion than anyone else


Passion is what unites the entire EMS Ingénierie team around a single and unique vision: serving a prestigious clientele who requires excellence. As a result, this vision drives EMS to innovate where others see obstacles, to find solutions where others see problems, and to surpass all limits where others see impossibilities. By relying on its competence, EMS Ingénierie can pursue this vision, ensure its growth, and fulfill its passion to meet increasingly greater challenges.


It is because of its staff's commitment that EMS succeeds where others fail. The EMS team is committed to making each project a success by applying high-level knowledge and by being  dedicated at all times.


Being very sensitive to the customers' needs, requirements and concerns, and perfectly conscious of the importance of the quality/cost/deadline ratio, EMS' structural and infrastructure engineers make it a point to share their technical expertise during all construction, expansion, and/or renovation projects.

EMS Ingénierie’s values are:

  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Technical competence
  • Staff's enthusiasm and professionalism
  • Flexibility of its processes
  • Excellence at all levels

In its management and engineering policy, EMS grants utmost importance to the selection and use of construction materials and methods in order to ensure compliance with budgets and deadlines, sustainability, safety and maintaining operations, and services during the project.


To provide high-level professional engineering services that are customized and adapted to the clientele's needs and requirements.