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New warehouse and new TAQ headquarters

With a total floor area of 115,000 sq. Ft., the new head office has 80,000 sq. Ft. Of floor space and storage and 35,000 sq. Ft. Of mezzanine space. The mezzanine is converted into production areas, offices and training rooms. There is also a gym, kitchen and cafeteria for 300 people. This investment of $ 14 million will allow TAQ to centralize its activities in one place in order to continue its growth in its outsourcing activities for companies such as Maison Simons, Biscuits Leclerc, Favorite Chocolates and Atrium Innovations.

Groupe TAQ's new head office consists of a steel structure based on conventional foundations and a floor slab. Prefabricated insulated panels, one quarter of which will be cladded with aluminum cladding, will form the envelope. The rest of the building will be clad with metal cladding. The main challenge was to design a beautiful, functional and efficient building while taking into account the three flood zones surrounding the site and the very low bearing capacity of the soils without resorting to the use of piles.

Photo credit: LaShop Architecture
Photo credit: Groupe TAQ