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Guay Cranes, boul. Métropolitain, Montréal

Guay crane is the largest crane in Quebec; and in 2007, he had a great need for additional space for repairing and storing its mobile cranes in the east of the City of Montreal. The new projected ± 4000 square meters building serves all the facilities required for the repair and maintenance of heavy equipment. Equipped with a ten-ton crane and a clear height of ± 10 meters, the perimeter foundation wall is extended to more than a meter above the slab on ground to give the building the quality and sustainability desired for this type of building. As for the interior and exterior slabs (200 mm) ground, they have been designed taking into account the specific nature of the soil in place and higher traffic loads. Particular fact, these tiles feature multiple anchors, resistant to abrasion, impact and concentrated loads important (regardless of the location of these charges) with a special finish for easy cleaning.