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Chemical plant Chemco

The project consisted of a new industrial building built for the production of chemicals in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures. Covering an area of 3250 square meters (35,000 square feet), the new plant of the company Chemco consists of a steel frame on conventional concrete foundations. The front part of the plant (1,500 square meters), on two levels, is for office space. The rest of the plant is dedicated to the process equipment, storage and shipping. This project also required the construction of several related works structure / Civil including:
warehousing and storage of bulk materials within the plant area.
Slab robust and resistant to impact and abrasion ground
• Basics of inertia and concrete supports for the various process equipment (press, conveyors, pumps, etc.) and tanks.
Many drainage ditches and underground services.
• Numerous graves in concrete for drainage, retention, storage and uptake of products.
A rail section and loading station of chemicals in tank cars.
Post unloading and loading with weighing for transporting chemicals by truck.