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Gros-Mornes Wind Farm

The Gros-Morne wind farm has a rated power of 211.5 MW. It was built in two phases. The first phase of 100.5 MW and 67 turbines was completed in late November 2011 and Phase 2, requiring the installation of 74 wind turbines, was completed in November 2012.

This major project took 3 years to build it through completion. Work began in June 2010 and were completed in November 2012. In 2013, with 141 wind turbines, the Gros Mornes wind farm was considered the largest wind farm in Canada.

On this important project, EMS was responsible for designing the foundation for each tower where they has been optimized according to the geotechnical conditions encountered. To do this, manufacturers criteria were followed and adapted to Canadian standards in a way to design the bases following the ultimate, usage and fatigue limits states. EMS also provided technical coordination with the client's technical staff and turbine manufacturer and also provided on-site supervision.