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MFFP - Construction of 14 weather stations and a relay station

In the early 90s, the Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) has established a network of 16 weather stations across Quebec and to measure meteorological variables necessary to monitor the behavior forest fires and phenological development of insects and tree diseases. Data transmission is made every hour a cellular modem. In 2013, the major issues concerning the health and safety of workers to get on 15 towers to aircraft maintenance were raised and the decision not to climb the towers was taken.

To allow proper maintenance of meteorological sensors, towers current clear-path were replaced by tilting towers of type ' pole structure. ' The tower and the various equipment used for taking measurements (humidity sensor, rain sensor, measuring equipment of snow depth) have been built in a fenced area of 30mx30m to prevent breakage sensors caused by big game and vandalism.

As different weather stations are located in remote places in the forest, armed cotta prefabricated steel bases were preferred to traditional reinforced concrete bases in order to facilitate the transportation and installation of these.