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Parc de la rivière Beauport footbridges

The two footbridges in the Beauport river park are an integral part of the major Quebec City project "Rêvons les Rivières", whose objective is to enhance and network the four major rivers that cross the city territory, namely the Cap-Rouge, Saint-Charles, Beauport and Montmorency rivers. The first footbridge is located in the axis connecting the Chevalier park on the right bank to the access of Marie-Currie street on the left bank. The second footbridge is located in the axis of the access from rue René-Chevalier on the right bank towards the left bank joining for a few meters the access located on rue Seigneuriale.

To minimize the impact on the environment, these two steel / wooden pedestrian walkways are placed on screw piles. The central portion that crosses the Beauport River is suspended by cables. These works were designed taking into account the following different aspects which greatly influenced their design: protection of sensitive natural environments | mitigation measures for work along the river | conservation and protection of high value trees found nearby | protection and revitalization of the banks at the end of the works.