Building know-how

Making a structure a unique living environment: EMS is a leader in the design and construction of buildings of all sizes.

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Infrastructure know-how

Whether it is for large-scale or small projects, or public or private organizations, EMS’ services stand out as a result of its avant-garde solutions based on traditional established construction principles.

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Environment know-how

Towards a better world: in order to highlight the natural areas, EMS works with sustainable development principles to find practical solutions.

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Our team

Our team

Founded in Quebec City in May 2006, EMS Engineering is an engineering firm specializing in structure, civil engineering, marine engineering, industrial engineering and water treatment. Over the years and with its accomplishments, EMS has grown tremendously: from two employees when it started in 2006, it now has nearly 100 employees, including nearly 50 engineers. The EMS teams are currently grouped under three divisions, EMS Structure, EMS Infrastructure and Investigation EMS. Thus, for the last year alone, EMS has completed the engineering for more than $ 750 million in work in its fields of expertise. EMS engineers have thus developed, over the years, a wealth of experience in carrying out large-scale projects by developing economic, innovative, versatile systems that are perfectly suited to the specifics of the project and to the constraints and requirements of the client. Sustainability, LEED, the environment, maintaining operations and using new technologies, including BIM, are some of the common ways EMS operate.

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