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What drives EMS’ passion and its customers’: EMS is a leader in the design and execution of projects in the energy sector.

Whether it is for plant engineering services or a wind farm producing more than 300 MW, EMS' engineers have all the experience and skills required to efficiently meet their clientele's varied needs.

Customers can count on EMS’ cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive approach to project execution, including sustainable development, as well as aspects pertaining to workers' health and safety. The EMS team places great emphasis on selecting construction materials, techniques, and safe construction methods in order to ensure the sustainability of the structures it designs. Having established a network of high-level collaborators in various civil engineering fields, EMS, in partnership with researchers at several leading universities, applies cutting-edge solutions that have given it a reputation that extends outside the borders of Quebec.

EMS specialties specifically include site development, feasibility studies, structures, infrastructures, constructability assessments, life cycle analysis, design, renovation of works, inspection, and monitoring programs as well as the planning of capital needs. Customers can count on all of EMS' expertise and the use of state-of-the-art tools used for 3D modeling and simulation of the structural behaviour of all types of works. EMS’ approach for this type of project is based on the availability of resources from the initial development phases until the project's commissioning. EMS’ experience in this type of project shows that time is the key factor to success. The efficiency of its processes allows it to offer outstanding service within deadlines that seem impossible for others.