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Our expertise

Maintenance, upkeep, and operation

EMS has vast experience in the maintenance, upkeep, and operation of buildings. Whether it is for a new building or a building at the end of its useful life, EMS’ approach is based on the availability of resources and the long-term vision of the strategic plan. EMS has a vast experience in building audits and inspections with teams that are entirely specialized in this field

Based on the experience acquired by completing several hundred projects, EMS will use its expertise and valuable knowledge in order to ensure every building will last as long as it is expected to.

  • Building condition audit
  • Building shell assessments
  • Capital needs and reserve funds planning
  • Code analysis
  • Compliance analysis
  • Contract administration
  • Cost analysis
  • Design reviews
  • Hidden defects
  • Legal engineering
  • Maintenance plans
  • Procurement
  • Restoration
  • Structural and architectural investigations
  • Thermography
  • Value analysis