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Our expertise

Engineering structures and dams

EMS' engineers have executed a multitude of projects relating to engineering structures and hydric control structures such as dams, dikes and spillways. Based on the experience acquired by completing several hundred projects, EMS will use its expertise and valuable knowledge to carry out any project its customers may have.

Customers can count on EMS cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive approach to project execution, including sustainable development, as well as aspects pertaining to workers' health and safety. The EMS team places great emphasis on selecting construction materials, techniques, and safe construction methods in order to ensure the sustainability of the structures it designs.

  • Bridges
  • Civil engineering and site development
  • Compliance studies
  • Concrete gravity dams
  • Dikes, dams, and other dirt retaining structures
  • Dynamic and vibration analysis of turbines
  • Foundations, piles, and retaining structures
  • Gates
  • Health and safety
  • Hydroelectric generating stations
  • Seismic rehabilitation
  • Spillways
  • Sustainable development
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Tunnels, dynamiting, and work in rock