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Wind energy

EMS' engineers have completed the structural engineering for the largest wind farms in Canada, representing more than 1000 MW of wind energy. Customers can count on their cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive approach to project execution.

The EMS team grants great importance to the optimization of structural concepts to ensure the sustainability of the structures it designs at the lowest costs possible. Having developed partnerships with the leading European specialists in the industry and based on the experience acquired by completing numerous projects, EMS will use its expertise and valuable knowledge during the execution of every project.

  • Civil engineering and site development
  • Compliance studies
  • Control buildings
  • Design of concrete foundation surfaces
  • Design of "offshore" foundations
  • Design of pile foundations
  • Design of rock-anchored foundations
  • Design of steel foundation surfaces
  • Dynamic and vibration analysis of machines
  • Dynamiting and work in rock
  • Erecting procedures
  • Foundations, piles, and retaining structures
  • Telecommunications towers