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Towards a better world: in order to highlight the natural areas, EMS works with sustainable development principles to find practical solutions.

EMS multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced specialists in the environmental field. They are committed to preserving the balance of interactions between human and natural environments. EMS offers a team that has sustainable development as well as ecological constructions at heart.

The strengthening of laws and regulations for the development and protection of the environment and growing concerns of communities in sustainable development have become key components in the startup and project progress. The multidisciplinary team of EMS in environment brings together professionals and technicians with recognized talent who rely on their many achievements, notably in the following areas: impact study, environmental audit, implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems, water characterization, air and soil, environmental follow-up.

EMS's expertise also covers the implementation of strategic and socio-economic planning. Sustainable development is an integral part of the overall vision of EMS; its actions, from the beginning of a project, ensure that its achievements are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


All projects require environmental authorizations prior to their completion. At EMS, environmental experts have one goal: to work with their customers to design projects that meet today's environmental requirements and to secure government approval within projects critical deadlines. The EMS clientele is supported in the complete licensing process thanks to the team's multidisciplinary expertise that covers: environmental impact assessments, the public consultation process, negotiation with the competent authorities, application for a permit and building permit. In addition, EMS also provides the environmental monitoring required under the various licensing conditions, including: air quality, soil quality, groundwater and surface water, wildlife and relationships with the communities concerned.

The professionals who make up the multidisciplinary teams of EMS bring together more than a dozen specialties and all work in synergy for the best interest of the clients.

Services include:

• Realization of environmental and social impact studies

• Preparation of permit and authorization applications

• Negotiation with the authorities

• Participation in the consultation process and public hearings

• Establishment and implementation of monitoring and environmental monitoring programs