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Our expertise


Whether it is for large-scale or small projects, or public or private organizations, EMS’ services stand out as a result of its avant-garde solutions based on traditional established construction principles.

Making infrastructures a development tool for the community: EMS is a leader in the design and construction of cutting-edge sustainable infrastructures that serve the community.

EMS’ customers can count on its cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive approach to construction, asset planning, and follow-up over the entire life span of the structures. The EMS team places great importance in selecting construction materials and techniques in order to ensure the sustainability of the structures it designs. Having established a network of high-level collaborators in various civil engineering fields, EMS is capable of providing engineering services to all construction sectors.

EMS’ specialties include, specifically: residential development, urban development, site development, feasibility studies, infrastructure management, constructability assessments, design, renovation of civil engineering structures, and network audits as well as the planning of capital requirements. Customers can rely on all of EMS' infrastructure expertise.