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Our expertise

Sewer systems and treatment

EMS' engineers have proven, through the execution of a multitude of infrastructure projects, their know-how in the field of sewer systems and treatment of effluents. EMS’ fields of intervention cover characterization, collection, pretreatment, pumping stations and force mains, as well as various means of wastewater and sludge treatment.

EMS’ professionals use state-of-the-art software that allows them to develop solutions based on calibration and hydraulic simulations carried out on distribution systems, as well as the optimal planning and management of preventive maintenance on these systems.

Based on the experience acquired by completing numerous projects, EMS will use its expertise and valuable knowledge to carry out any type of project its customers may have

Collection and Interception

  • Functional and structural diagnoses
  • Impacts on host environments
  • Lift and pumping stations
  • Master plans
  • Monitoring and storage of sewer system overflows
  • Monitoring in real time of wastewater treatment system overflows
  • Network design


  • Improvement and upgrading to standards of existing facilities
  • Sampling and characterization of effluents
  • Treatability characterization and testing
  • Treatment plant design

Distribution of Treated Effluents

  • Design and construction plant outlets
  • Determination of discharge criteria and analysis of intervention solutions
  • Dispersion and dilution studies
  • Environmental performance analysis