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Legal engineering and expertise

EMS does much more than just finding the source of the problem, it finds the solution!

EMS has played a leading role in legal engineering and technical investigation for several years. Whether it is for high-level expert appraisals concerning the determination of the cause of collapse, construction defects, water infiltration, sewer back-ups, or the premature deterioration of mechanical equipment, our engineers are capable of establishing the cause, documenting it, and determining the most advantageous rehabilitation scenarios. Armed with its vast expertise, EMS Ingénierie is capable of meeting any needs from the first visual observations until the delivery of a completely rehabilitated structure.

EMS’ clients can count on cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive approach in establishing various expert reports in the fields of civil and structural engineering, including a multitude of services such as building audits, compliance analysis, code analysis, building shell assessments, constructability reviews, life cycle analysis, hidden defects, structural and architectural investigations, structure restoration, design reviews, value analysis, cost analysis, feasibility studies, and planning of capital or reserve funds requirements.

The EMS team also pays close attention to its clientele's specific needs in order to make expert reports a key element in the decision-making process. EMS can also count on a devoted, experienced, passionate, and continuously available intervention teams made up of more than 20 people who are available 24/7 in the case of emergency and who are willing to travel anywhere in Canada.

Clients can count on all of EMS' expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technology for the 3D modeling and simulation of problems involving civil and structural engineering.